Busy Dads is resource for any man looking for balance.

Welcome to the new kind of man. A man who knows who he really is. A man who can tackle life's demands head on, and a man who has plenty of time to give to his family, the things he loves, and himself.

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  • Meet Grant Lyndon...

    Hi there, and thanks for visiting Busy Dads.

    Being a father is something that I am extremely passionate about.

       In fact I have been paternal since around the age of twelve. As strange as it sounds, I often felt like I was treading water in life until the real game began, when I could be a dad.

    I was incredibly close to my dad as a young boy and continue to enjoy that deep bond today. My mother was a midwife for most of her professional career and although she didn't work when I was young, that was certainly a presence in who she was in our home.

     I began my working life as a musician and today I work as an actor and voice artist.

     I am very fortunate to have four beautiful children who continually teach me who I need to be, to be a man and a father, and have an incredibly supportive and devoted wife. I have practised yoga and meditation for over 15 years and teach meditation to people from all walks of life. I love surfing, playing music, cooking, laughing (incredibly important), writing, and spending time with my family. I've made plenty of mistakes on my journey and believe that I've learned from most of them. 

    The insight from "getting messy" as I like to call it is invaluable.

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  • Busy Dads was born out of my time as a single dad with two boys under five.

    Throughout these times I worked out very crafty and efficient ways to use my time most effectively. Allowing me to give my best to my boys and most importantly, myself. Now having remarried and with another two children, I share from my tool kit, helping you make the very best of your time, to make sure you give your very best to your body, mind, and spirit and in turn your family. 

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    Busy Dads Basics is a series of workshops that cover: making quick & tasty family meals, working out effectively in the time you just spent thinking about it, and creating happy and long lasting relationships that tick all the boxes. 

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